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May 24, 2022
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Dr. Marcia Emery Workshop

"Finding the Wisdom of the Dream" Handout (PDF)    


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Past Workshops:

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Participant Feedback:

"In this class Marcia (and guest Robert Hoss) give a wealth of information about dreams and how to work with them. How to open a flow between their intuitive wisdom and our conscious minds by working with them, asking into them. Very interesting and helpful. And it is so intriguing to hear other people's dreams. The class interaction brought further insights. I was really sad for it to end!  I would highly recommend this online class." - Patricia Coltrin


Internet Dream Class
October 1- 31, 2013
Dr Marcia Emery, Ph.D., Host

Do you want free financial and relationship advice? Or, tap into creative breakthroughs? How about counseling guidance?

All are dream gifts that come to you each night. Even a terrifying nightmare is a gift or "wake up call" to help you work through an unresolved emotional problem. Our dreams aren't about sleeping but waking up to challenges and potential opportunities. Using intuition helps capture the wisdom embedded in the dream. In this class, learn how to intuitively unravel the puzzling dream symbols Discover the DreamShift technique to help retrieve rapid insights and clarify the meaning of the dream. You will also find out about precognitive dreams that can foreshadow upcoming events and learn Robert Hoss' imagery techniques.

Well known dream researcher Bob Hoss, author of Dream Language, will be joining us to teach a few sessions. Bob Hoss is director of the DreamScience foundation for research grants and Director and Past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. He is the Author of Dream Language, co-author of Dream to Freedom: a Handbook for Integrating Dreamwork and Energy Psychology and chapter author in nine others. Bob has been researching, teaching and lecturing on dreams for over 30 years.


Intuitive Dreamwork Workshop

 Holos University Graduate Seminary


Three Days: April 2 – 4th, 2012
Unity Village in Lee's Summit near Kansas City, Missouri.

Dreams aren't about sleeping but waking up to challenges and potential opportunities. They give us vital information and show us what actions we need to take.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to use your intuition to unravel the puzzling custom designed dream symbol;

  • About precognitive dreams which foreshadow upcoming events;

  • How to retrieve rapid insights and clarify the dream using the DreamShift technique;

  • How to use the Hoss image activation technique that explores color meaning.

Fee: $225 plus workbook


The Powerful Messages In Dreams

I am pleased to co-teach this class with psychic detective Pam Coronado, star of Discovery Times channel's popular series, Sensing Murder. I interviewed Pam on my internet radio show The Partnership of Intuition and Dreams on August 4, 2011. She has been involved in psi criminal work since 1996 when a dream provided her with the information needed to help a search party locate a missing woman in California.

Everyone, without exception, dreams. Often people forget these rich messages from the subconscious or shrug them off as weird nocturnal ramblings because they don't realize the positive potential for self-realization that dreams hold. Dreaming is one of the most powerful resources we humans have. Dreams will show us answers and creative solutions, uncover health issues and emotional blocks. They can assist us in moving forward in our lives and enable us to make more informed choices. Dreams can provide relationship insight and greatly enrich our spiritual lives.

Dr. Carl Jung observed that the dream is an invaluable commentator and illuminator of life. The intuitive voice, which may not be heard through the noise of the day, calls out each night in the symbolic imagery of a dream. Anyone can learn how to honor the wisdom of the dream. Participants in this workshop will learn how to intuitively unravel the underlying message of a puzzling dream symbol, use an intuitive dreamwork approach for understanding their dreams, and how to recall more dreams. We will also learn to recognize and identify precognitive dreams.

Class starts October 3rd and runs through October 31st. Class is taught in a private online forum where you check in daily at your own convenience for your assignments and feedback. Only $75 for the month long class! Go here for more information or to register.  Enrollment open through October 7, 2011


General Lecture and Workshop Offerings

The following topics can be offered in a workshop setting, presented as a talk/keynote, or be combined for an intuitive development class presentation.


Listening to Your Gut Feelings

When you feel stuck and uncertain, it's often because you’re only seeing a part of the whole. A flash of intuition illuminates and clarifies everything. The big picture emerges along with an array of options never considered. In this workshop, participants will receive the basic tools and principles that will help them cultivate their intuition and put it to work in their lives so they can have rewarding partnerships, understand family members, guide a successful career and move with ease and confidence through the turbulent and exciting world of opportunity that is all around.   back to top


Activating Your Vision and Dreams

Father Theodore Hesburgh, the retired President of Notre Dame said, "The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision. You can't blow an uncertain trumpet." The essence of intuitive leadership is using your intuition to fuel a vision. Intuition cultivates the ability to see the big picture — the probable course of an action. In this workshop, participants will learn how to use intuition to create a daring vision and make it happen, take risks that pay off,  spot upcoming trends, and be in the right place at the right time.     back to top


Contacting the Doctor Within

The intuitive healer is on constant alert to provide a warning about any impending health challenge and present remedies to eradicate debilitating stress. The aim is to learn how to honor the body as an intuitive antenna which constantly sends messages about physical areas or conditions in need of repair. In this workshop, participants will first learn how to hear the intuitive healer speak metaphorically. Then, they will discover how to tune into any ailing bodily part, and use the Mindshift Method to move beyond the barrier of the logical mind into the presence of the intuitive healer.  back to top


Intuitively Deciphering their Wisdom

Dr. Carl Jung observed that the dream is an invaluable commentator and illuminator of life. The intuitive voice, which may not be heard through the noise of the day, calls out each night in the symbolic imagery of a dream. Anyone can learn how to honor the wisdom of the dream. Participants in this workshop will learn how to intuitively unravel the underlying message of a puzzling dream symbol, use an intuitive dreamwork approach for understanding the entire dream, and discover how to identify and call upon a precognitive dream that eventually happens in real life. back to top


Managing Stress Intuitively

Stressful situations abound everywhere! The problem is not what's causing stress but how you perceive and react to the stressful situation. For example, a difficult assignment at work can be viewed as an opportunity to improve skills by transforming the existing stresses into a challenge and excitement. During this workshop, participants gather insights from the intuitive mind to discover how to change the way he or she responds to stressful situations. Tools are provided to learn how to manage stress in order to optimize personal performance and improve productivity and enhance creativity. back to top


Viewing your Partnerships Intuitively

Relationships are complex! We need all the help we can get to unravel the perennial mystery, “What makes Josh or Jenny tick?” Intuition is the inner barometer that provides a read about how people really feel. You can deepen your understanding of potential partners, family members, friends, work associates, potential employees — virtually anyone. Intuition can help you figure out an individual’s perplexing dynamics and anticipate his or her unspoken needs. In this workshop, participants will use intuition to find the best way to communicate and get the most out of personal and/or work relationships. back to top



Have you ever followed an intuitive “hunch” to connect with someone you wanted to get to know better? After a wonderful meeting, you clearly knew that your intuition guided you to take the right action. In this workshop participants will discover how to energize his or her personal life by getting clarity about what characteristics they want to attract in a mate and retrieve insights about how to attract them. They will also learn how to use the intuitive mind to help explore what each participant in the relationship can teach and learn from the other.back to top


The Spiritual Art of Life

Intuition, the deepest wisdom of the soul, is a direct conduit to the spiritual realm. You can discover how to acquire comfort with the spiritual in order to tune into the realm of infinite possibilities rather than view circumstances based solely on prior experiences. By doing this, you become aware of a greater design than can be experienced from the limited ego based mind. During the workshop, participants will be able to use intuition as a tool to clarify the greater design of their lives, career, and relationships. Techniques will be presented to show how to spiritually explore intuition by journeying into the sacred realm of infinite possibilities. back to top


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From time to time, Dr. Marcia travels to select areas of the USA and abroad to present workshops and give talks. If you are interested in participating in one of her offerings, please fill out the sign up sheet here which you can print out and mail or fax to her.  Contact Dr. Marcia at PowerHunch@aol.com for further information and/or questions.





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