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Marcia Emery, Ph.D.  is one of the country's foremost authorities on the power of intuition to change our lives. Her passion is to help people transform life's problems, struggles and even tragedy into triumph in order to live fully and radiantly.  Professor Emery, pioneer in the field of applied intuition, is a psychologist, consultant, professor, and author whose expertise has been brought to bear in both private clinical practice and in her client-tailored Intuition Seminars — reaching thousands of men and women nationally. Among Dr. Emery's clients were such corporate giants as ATT, Amway Corporation, Blue Care Network, and Hewlett Packard, as well as nonprofits, including The Junior League, Metropolitan Hospital, Wainwright House and Unity Church.
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Dream Decoders - Dr. Marcia Emery

Dream Decoders
 Discovery Health Channel

Dream Decoders - Dr. Marcia Emery

The media has the supreme opportunity to blaze trails. The Hollywood, CA. based Arden Entertainment has aligned with the Discovery Health Channel to follow the Emerson advice and “leave a trail.” They have created a groundbreaking mini-series to explore the secrets of the subconscious and reveal the hidden meanings of dreams.

DREAM DECODERS premiered in its entirety Tuesdays at 8pm on November 1, 2005.

A dream and intuition expert, Dr. Marcia Emery was one of the three authorities in this pioneering mini-series DREAM DECODERS aimed at teaching millions of viewers how to understand and honor the wisdom in their dreams.   Dr. Emery, along with the other Dream Decoders,  helped the contestants on each show and the viewers unlock the deepest mysteries of our minds and souls through dream interpretation. 

Here’s a sample.

Peter is chased by a can of tomato paste.  Shannon discovers she’s a headless fish.  Mary’s teeth are falling out.  These may sound like scenes from a science fiction movie, but each bizarre event is real to the person experiencing it—the dreamer.

Each night, whether memorable or not, the average person has four to five dreams.  But what do these dreams mean? And what do they tell us about ourselves?  Discovery Health Channel unlocks the deepest secrets of the subconscious with the premiere of DREAM DECODERS.  In this enlightening three-part series, three of the world’s top dream analysts who are the “Dream Decoders”—Dr. Marcia Emery, Dr. Alan Siegel, Dr. Veronica Tonay and Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum — help participants and viewers understand the messages of their dreams to foster greater emotional and psychological health.

Dreams often tell us what’s going on in our lives and help us cope with the emotional stages of our day-to-day experiences. Many of the dreams featured on the show are common and universal dreams. Whether being chased, falling or having our teeth fall out, these dreams are put into perspective on DREAM DECODERS.

DREAM DECODERS was filmed in front of a live-studio audience on a special “dream tank” set.  Each episode evaluated the dreams of three or four people from different walks of life.  With the help of host Steve Truitt, they shared their most private, often recurring, dream or nightmare through verbal explanations and brief video re-creations.  The Dream Decoders interview the dreamers about their personal experiences and current life challenges to uncover hidden clues in the depths of their psyches.  The Decoders analyze these clues and offer their individual analysis to crack the dream code, giving the dreamers startling insight into their waking lives.

Throughout each hour, cameras follow participants off-stage to capture their candid thoughts about the Dream Decoders’ feedback.  Also in episodes, Truitt turns the cameras on the studio audience – for the “enlightening round” – allowing studio members to relate their dreams and get a brief analysis from one of the Dream Decoders. 

Each Dream Decoder has a different background and approach.  Dr. Veronica Tonay is a renowned Jungian psychoanalyst and top-selling author who has researched dreams, creativity and personality for more than 20 years.  Dr. Alan Siegel, is an assistant clinical professor at the University of California at Berkeley, an internationally known psychotherapist and author, and a pioneer in the field of dream study. Dr. Marcia Emery is a psychologist, an author, and the country’s foremost expert in intuition. And special guest Decoder, Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum is a clinical psychologist, family therapist, author and director of the Behavioral Medicine and Biofeedback Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Health Services.

DREAM DECODERS was produced for Discovery Health Channel by Arden Entertainment.  Dan Arden is Executive Producer and Dana Millikin is Supervising Producer for Arden Entertainment.  For Discovery Health Channel, Donald Thoms is Executive Producer.




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