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 Praise for The Teacher

"Learning from Dr. Emery has opened up a whole new world for me. I had always been intrigued by hunches and the possibility of using my whole brain, left and right brain half. I have read several books in that area and accumulated a lot of knowledge in that regard. What made Dr. Emery unique is the connection to simple practical steps to utilize and harness all that knowledge. Her guides and tools were easy to follow and had direct results. Today, I feel that I am using more of my brain than ever thanks to Dr. Emery".

 ~ Philip Horvath, Sr. Solution Architect

 “As a media maker, an artist, and a scholar of consciousness studies, I found Dr. Marcia Emery's work as a teacher, an author and a consultant to be not only highly informative and insightful, but practical and accessible. I was immediately able to apply her wisdom to my life and work.”

 ~ Kate McCallum, Producer/Writer/Consultant, BRIDGE ARTS MEDIA/Universal Studios

“Personal Intuition is a dynamic, life-changing experience! I was introduced to a toolbox full of practical and reliable skills. These practices gave me a road map to reach my inner knowings. Through practicing these tools in the class with Dr. Marcia’s feedback, I have built a relationship of trust with my own intuition. By taking this class, I feel more connected and able to understand my dreams as well. I continue to utilize her MindShift Method when making decisions and going deeper with internal questions I have about my life. I have also used this work with clients in my psychotherapy practice and have found it invaluable”  

           ~ Shannon South, MA, NCC, LPC - Holistic Psychotherapist

“Dr. Emery's Intuition in Business course, caused me to reflect on how unwise rational "conventional wisdom" can be. Looking back over my thirty years in business, as CEO of a public company and now as a consultant to chief executives, I note that my greatest errors all came as a result of giving a person or situation "the benefit of the doubt" instead of giving due regard to a clear internal signal I was receiving from my intuition. It takes a little work, some discipline, some self confidence and some excellent instruction to distinguish such valuable intuitions from the inevitable emotions and desires that also express themselves internally but do not deserve similar heed. Yet, I can say with certainty, that the ability to do so will be of critical importance to everyone, many times, during a career and lifetime.  I know of no one better able to teach others how to secure this vital input from the shadows of ordinary consciousness and reliably integrate it into competent, responsible and successful decision making.”

   ~ Steven Maurice Droullard - Business Consultant

“In our busy world, it is refreshing to find a teacher who takes the time to tend to the souls of her students. Dr. Marcia Emery does just that! She is enthusiastic about her subject, keeps the lines of communication flowing, and is very gracious in her manner.  The exercises she teaches are simple, powerful, and practical.  In a field that is often approached in a vague and circuitous manner, Dr. Emery’s methods are a welcome addition.  I have a lot of admiration for her—as a professor, as a gentle guide, and as a person.” 

  ~ Keith VanAtta, Nurse

"Dr. Emery's book follows me around the house. I pick it up whenever I need a little inspiration and guidance. The techniques she offers in her text have been invaluable to me. They have enriched my life and increased my self-confidence both personally and professionally."

            ~ Peter Bedard, Merchandise Designer

 “Marcia Emery, PhD was an effective instructor in helping me develop my personal intuition, especially in distinguishing between wishful thinking and true intuition. Her ability to identify key aspects of some of my specific thinking patterns was particularly useful because it gave me concrete handholds to grasp in evaluating these thoughts as true intuition or something else. The exercises she gave were very useful in honing my intuition abilities. Through the experience of the class and Dr. Marcia’s personal communication regarding my specific interest and concerns, I found the course content extremely beneficial to me in my study of Energy Medicinal and Spiritual Healing.”

            ~ Laurie DuCharme, Student: Holos University Graduate Seminary

"It is with genuine conviction that I recommend Dr. Marcia Emery and her Intuitive Problem Solving work. Her efforts both inside the classroom and the public domain demonstrate a fervor for her work I have seldom seen in other professional ventures. Her concern for both her work and her client(s) is uncompromising. Dr. Emery can tailor a program to fit her client’s needs, but she will first determine for what problem she is trying to solve. My logical "left mode" thinking appreciates this treatment of problem solving. The bottom line…it works!"

  ~ James W. Stark, circulation sales & marketing manager, Muskegon Chronicle

"Working in a world that is ever changing can be a stressful situation. As demands on your time increases, the need to approach old problems in a "new way" also increases. Dr. Emery’s course in Intuitive Management at Aquinas College assisted me in recognizing potential methodologies to meet those demands. The importance of recognizing that there is more to decision making than the classical, left brain approach and that one should trust their intuitive feelings or gut instinct more often is a basic premise of the course. Dr. Emery brings her positive energy and strong interest in this topic to the forefront as well which makes the class a most enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend this or any other course taught by Dr. Emery." 

 ~ D. J. Stuer, assistant vice president and credit manager, NBD Bank

“Dr. Emery’s class on Personal Intuition was exceptional.  Through her teachings I was made aware of the myriad ways in which our intuition speaks to us and the ways in which we can open to – and hear – the voice within.  The most profound realization for me was that intuition, itself, is not a destination but a way of life.  Dr. Emery teaches in a very nurturing and supportive way.  She opens her heart to her students gently inviting them to grow and unveil the mystery.”

 ~ Carol L. Spence, Doctoral Student, Holos University Graduate Seminary

 “Dr. Marcia Emery speaks with gentleness and power all in the same breath. She has the unusual ability to inspire all of us to see our potential. Putting into practice her ideas has transformed the way I look at me. Opening to my intuition has allowed me to ignite the creative flow of my life. I now write for creative publications and facilitate life altering workshops.”

           ~ Vern Martin, Seminar Facilitator

“Dr. Emery, through a wide variety of fun and surprisingly easy exercises, helped me to unlock, understand, and further develop my hidden intuitive ability.  Dr. Emery’s teaching style is incredibly positive and supportive.  She is one of the very best teachers I have encountered on my path. I wish that I had the words to express the degree to which Marcia’s course has changed my life.  Her work is a gift to any person who wishes to explore their intuition, their dreams, and/or to develop better self understanding.  I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to be one of Dr. Emery’s students. I strongly recommend this course as well as all of Dr. Marcia Emery’s books!”

            ~  Katherine Yarboro, R.N., B.S.N. 


“I recently experienced a most incredible course taught by a most remarkable woman: Intuition in the Business of the Spiritual Community by Dr. Marcia Emery. Her style, positive energy, creativity, wisdom, as well as the supportive, interactive, and very mentally stimulating environment that she fostered, all combined to provide me with one of my most memorable learning experiences. Other students in the course have enthusiastically expressed similar feelings to me. Dr. Marcia says that we can never go wrong by trusting our intuition. I suggest that one could never go wrong by taking this course!”


~ Sue Oliver

Praise for THE SPEAKER

"Your presentation last week at the Professional Women’s Network was an overwhelming success. From the comments I had immediately following, everyone found your topic to be very thought provoking and one they would like to know more about. In today’s world and the fast pace that many of us travel, your approach seems so practical. I personally have been using some of your methods. They work!"

  ~ Joan A. Thomas, program chairperson, Professional Women’s Network

“The message that Dr. Marcia Emery delivered to our congregation was both stimulating and inspiring. We received excellent feedback from the congregants in attendance. They were positively impressed with the real-life experiences of healing that Dr. Marcia shared. She gave hope to people with life-threatening physical ailments. The congregants were inspired by the fact that Dr. Marcia experienced healing from applying the ideas she teaches — that she walks her talk. It was a pleasure to feel her warmth and loving spirit come through her life and words”.

           ~ Robert Rawlings, Sr., Chaplain, Unity Prayer Ministry


“Dr. Marcia Emery delivered two Sunday Sermons for our church titled, “Intuition 911: Calling Your Inner Healer.” Her message was provocative, inspiring and filled with useful information for the congregation. Dr. Emery’s focus and lifework is on the topic of intuition. She has a gift for distilling the process of intuition into a language or experience that every person can understand. In her talk, she emphasizes that intuition, as divine inspiration is the word of God expressing in us. Dr. Emery takes the mystery out of this word and empowers her listeners to go into the silence and connect with the voice of God, our inner wisdom and the source of our intuition. Her talk was peppered with examples that are clear, humorous, and yet fittingly apply to everyone’s life. I highly recommend her captivating talk to anyone who wants to understand how the Inner Healer operates.”

 ~ Rev. Alyzsa Van Til, Minister of Education, Palo Alto Community Church       

 Praise for Seminar/Workshop Experiences

“On behalf of the National Foundation for Integrative Medicine, I would like to thank you for the wonderful workshop you presented for our organization. The material presented and the manner in which you delivered the information was extremely professional, organized and interesting. I especially appreciated your use of stories, exercises and excellent visual aids to enhance the learning experience. The feedback that we received from workshop participants was extremely positive, with many of them requesting that you return.”

Catherine Riedel, Executive Director, National Foundation for Integrative Medicine

"I have attended Dr. Marcia Emery’s Managing By Intuition and Logic seminar and found it to be extremely insightful and beneficial. I encourage my staff to attend Dr. Emery’s seminars and to use her "whole brain thinking" techniques in all areas of their lives –- professionally and personally. I highly recommend this seminar to anyone who might be interested in attending."
     Robin T. Crossman, manager, corporate health & fitness, Amway Corporation

"Thank you so much for your interesting Intuitive Management seminar. The members of our management team have a great need to be able to make decision intuitively as well as logically. Our healthcare industry demands dynamic managers. Let us hope you helped in their development."
     Patricia Marks, director, Butterworth Health Corporation

"Dr. Emery is one of the best instructors I have ever encountered. She presents the material in a very clear and concise manner which enables one to realize that certainly he or she is intuitive and always has been. Her knowledge in this area is quite impressive. She is able to answer any and all questions in an almost gracious and respectful manner, acknowledging the difference in awareness that most people have on intuition."
     Suzanne Carter, minister,
Unity Church

"Dr. Emery’s intuition training seminars and books de-mystify our access to that inner wisdom within each of us that is profound, practical and learnable. This important skill may well be the necessary ingredient for navigating not only individual, but also organizational and societal "white water rapids" we all will increasingly confront in the new millennium."
     Peter A. Raynolds, Ph.D.,Professor, Adjunct Research Professor, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

"I attended The Power Of Intuition seminar with my management team and found it to be a valuable experience. Dr. Emery provided enough evidence that challenged the skepticism that prevents individuals from acknowledging intuition as a useful management tool. It is my belief that with all the issues facing us today, we must be open to using all the skills and knowledge that’s available to us and that includes intuition."
     Sandra L. Sefton, vice president, nursing,
Metropolitan Hospital

"I wanted you to know what a significant contribution to my personal productivity your seminar has made. I found myself using my new awareness the very next day, and now some of the techniques have just become routine. Your seminar taught me how to reach in –- and find a resource that is more than the equal of anything that can be "accessed" in the yellow pages. The potential value for someone who uses their wits to earn a living cannot be estimated. It could mean everything."
     Steve Laninga, sales, Jones-Rasikas

"Confidence and peace have strongly taken hold of me during this restless and tumultuous time. Thank you for your professionalism."
     Pat Denison, Supervisor, Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company

"Great awareness of the intuitive process has opened my mind and has assisted me in both my personal and professional life."
     Mary Fazer, Program Coordinator, Hotel/Restaurant Curriculum at Davenport College

“Dr. Marcia Emery presented an Intuitive Healer workshop to our guests. Everyone felt that Dr. Emery had excellent knowledge and delivery of her material. The topic was well received, whetting the guest’s desire for more information. What was very impressive was the way Dr. Marcia engaged the group in experiential dynamics in a safe and non-threatening manner. She also led the group in focusing on interaction with one’s self as well as with pairing up with another participant. Several attendees had major emotional and psychological breakthroughs and all had shifts in the way we perceive things.”     
Mary Reinhart, The Director of Wellness, The Danielle Spa for Beauty and Wellness

"I attended your Intuitive Healer seminar. During the scanning exercise, I closed my eyes and clearly saw a circle "drawn" around the front of my partner’s throat as if with a grease pencil. Then I saw another circle around her left scapula which seemed to be joined down the arm to the wrist. Later, I found out she just had thyroid surgery. Also, she had been having increasing difficulty with the back of her left shoulder, which she attributed to a possible connection to developing carpel tunnel syndrome because the pain was radiating down her arm. This experience certainly validated my ability to be a "medical intuitive." I’ve been considering actually calling myself that, but must admit I still have to build up my confidence a bit!"
     Helen Pankowsky, MD

Days after your workshop, a friend said, "last week you were stretched to your limit." When I did the body scanning I saw a green elastic type substance in the chest area, that was stretched to the limits.I also felt a lot of hidden anger for my spouse. When I left your place I asked him to leave the home and he responded by saying, "how can we make it better." We are working on it and I am no longer angry. I got that off my chest and much of that credit goes to YOU and your seminar.
     L.E., seminar participant




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