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 Intuitive, Counseling, Coaching and Dreamwork Sessions

As a psychologist and highly developed intuitive, Dr. Marcia Emery is available to consult with you. She draws upon her inner wisdom to help you overcome any challenges that occur on your life’s path, so you can reach your full potential.

In everyone’s life, questions arise from time to time about:

  • sustaining a rewarding career.

  • developing healthy relationships.

  • maintaining radiant health.

  • managing finances.

  • coping with transitional times.

  • pursuing a spiritual path.

  • following creative pursuits.

Use the graphic below to order a phone consultation:  1/2 hour = $95  or 1 hour = $190 payments via Paypal with your credit or debit card.


Dr. Marcia can help you explore these concerns in the following consultation formats:


As a client, you will compile a list of questions that will be addressed during the session. For example, Dr. Marcia provides a perspective to help you cope with a challenging relationship, flow with changes in the work environment, or transition to a new career.   I find that clients often think in “either –or” terms. For example, I have to stay in this relationship or never have a partner again. During the session, Dr. Marcia helps the client expand his/her thinking to embrace additional options.


Core issues in need of resolution are covered during two or more counseling sessions.  You will elicit the needed tools to transform struggle and defeat into a hero or heroine’s journey. For example, you might explore how to find your new path to happiness when everything seems hopeless and bleak, how to realign your priorities in order to get back in balance, or how to develop your self-esteem.


These sessions will help bring out your “real essence” in order to help you be more effective in the work environment or in any relationship. A pivotal part of the session is finding out how to rekindle the spark of passion that has left your relationships or current work situation unsatisfying.   If making a significant change in your life pattern is calling out to you, we can how explore how to take the needed steps to get on the right path.        


A session focuses on understanding how the messages contained in a nighttime dream can help you unravel blockages so your life’s dream can be achieved.  To make the session as meaningful as possible, I will need to read the dream before and have some basic background information about you. Then we can explore how your hopes, wishes and even fears, are showing up in your dreams.

Praise for Dr. Marcia — Counselor/Healer

“I had the good fortune to come across Dr. Marcia Emery during a time of great need. I was living in Florida at the time and felt desperate to find a counselor who could help me deal with some pressing issues. I had interviewed several therapists and could find none who matched the sensibility I was looking for. I did an internet search for counselors who were also “intuitive” because I needed someone who could relate to me on more than one level. Dr. Emery totally changed my concept of what therapy could be like. I thought it would take a number of sessions for her to get to know me and for the deep work to begin, but the reverse was true. Dr. Emery made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. She was warm, loving, and nonjudgmental. I felt like I could open up to her right away and I knew that she had the maturity and experience to intuitively know how to create exactly the right kind of container for me to process my issues and begin a Journey toward healing and wholeness.”

~ Stelli Munnis, Author of the Kali Guide, doctoral student, client

“I want to share a healing with you as a direct result of practicing a Technique you gave me. One morning, I started to visualize this part of my body I've had a pain in, nearly every day, for the past year. I just kept ignoring it thinking it would go away and that it was due to being at the computer so long. I visualized this area of my body, letting my mind be quite blank and then quite suddenly, a dramatic visual experience occurred. I saw a hand, as if I were looking down at my own hand, and there was a black voodoo doll in it. And with my right hand, I pulled out a large, hook like pin right from the spot in my body where it has been hurting the lower right part of my body. Instantly the pain was relieved and I felt a compete healing; like a lifting of energy released after being all pent up. It's been a full two weeks and not a single sign of pain which is completely gone! I have to pinch myself at the whole experience and the dramatic, visual events that released this painful hold. Thank you, thank you!”   ~ Pamela G.

"Marcia has been a loving, supportive, nurturing spiritual counselor to me."  ~ Justin


Call 541-708-6399 to schedule an appointment which can be: 

In Person at Dr. Marcia’s office 
By Phone: Call 541-708-6399 for the one hour phone session 



$190 for one hour; $95 for one half hour.

Payment can be made by cash, check, money order at the time of the office appointment or transacted before the phone session via Credit or debit card:

Make Payment Now


If paying by check or money order, Contact Marcia for address.


Contact Marcia  if you are interested in a consultation.





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