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Dreams and Intuition
y Dr. Marcia Emery

The Dream is an invaluable commentator and illuminator of life.
Listen to the wisdom of the dream.
~Dr. Carl Jung


          Why does your dreaming mind dish up these scary images? There are many reasons to unravel the mysteries embedded in your dreams. Using very graphic symbols, the dream can help you solve problems that arise during the waking hours, show you how to remove a fearful personal block, and provide insight into a puzzling relationship. Dreams can also reveal cherished hopes and use the images to show you what steps can be taken to actualize your secret desires like appearing on a television show or writing a novel.

            We live in an amazing time that many have labeled as transitional. One certainty during these volatile times is that change will impact your work, relationships, family, social connections and/or everyday decision making. In the fast pace of today's world, you may feel a bit overloaded, burnt out or even stressed from juggling multiple responsibilities.

            These worries can penetrate your mind and become dramatized in a dream. How would you feel if you were Peter and dreamt you were on a skateboard and sailed over the edge of a cliff and landed on your feet? In real life, he works in a fun and exciting environment but the threat of layoffs is strongly in the air. Though going over the edge is very scary, he was actually relieved to realize that even if he falls he will be landing on his feet.

          As you become immersed in the field of dreams, you will realize that dreams aren't about sleeping but waking up to challenges and potential opportunities. They alert us to what we need to know and what actions we need to take. Each dream symbol has a very personal meaning for the dreamer. The dream is custom designed for you.

            Everyone dreams. That is a scientific fact. Laboratory studies have shown that we experience our most vivid dreams during a type of sleep called Rapid Eye Movement (REM). During REM sleep the brain is very active, the eyes move back and forth rapidly under the lids and the large muscles of the body are relaxed. REM sleep occurs every 90-100 minutes, 3-4 times a night, and with the final REM period lasting as long as 45 minutes.

            Universal dreams are common to dreamers of all cultures. One of the most common dreams reported by people all over the world is showing up to work or school naked.  There are many possible interpretations and the final one has to resonate, to you the dreamer. Nudity in dreams could mean you feel vulnerable from being exposed or revealed.

            You might even be tired of maintaining a facade. You could even feel awkward or out of place in your setting. In response to this dream ask yourself,  What have I been hiding? Where do I feel like a phony? This dream can make a statement about who you really are underneath. Bottom line is don't be afraid to let the real you show. Another possible interpretation about feeling uncomfortable with public nudity is feeling disgraced, ridiculed, unprepared or anxious about how others see you. If you are uninhibited, you feel comfortable in your own skin and enjoy the dream nudity.  Certainly one of the most common dreams of all is losing your teeth.

Teeth are a dream symbol representing self-expression and effective communication. The teeth process food just as the brain digests new knowledge so losing your teeth can mean you've come across information that you aren't quite ready to accept yet.

           Dreaming about your teeth falling out could mean you’re embarrassed about something you’ve said or afraid to speak out and say what you really mean. Ask yourself, with whom do I feel self-conscious or insecure? Am I afraid to speak out and say what I really mean. Or, you could be addressing a troubling situation at work or with a family member. Each of us has intuition or inner wisdom. The first step to unlocking that wisdom can be by asking a question. Ask yourself: Where do I feel powerless? How can I bite down and express myself. These losing teeth dreams also reflect a concern about how pleasing and attractive you are to others, or even getting older. Allay your fears by recognizing that beauty comes from within.

            Be alert to the presence of these universal dream themes that you may share with others. Perhaps you failed a test, lost something, or your mind went blank when you were going to give a talk. You will find that your friends, family and co-workers have these dreams all the time. For example, Jenny dreamt she was in college cramming for a final exam. Then she can't find her locker, textbook,  or the classroom where the exam in being held. Each time she wakes up in a sweat and feels really puzzled about the meaning of the dream. Does this sound familiar? Back to Jenny, when I worked with her she finally realized how lost she feels at her new job and that the dream is mirroring her fear about inadequacy in this new position. Having made the connection allowed her to work on regaining her confidence so that particular dream theme would never appear again.

            People sometimes say they never dream. But we all dream, so what they're really saying is they never remember their dreams. If you'd like to change that, I have two simple techniques to help you recall your dreams. First, Tell yourself several times throughout the day, "Tonight I will remember my dreams." Second,  have a pen and notebook by your bed to record the dream upon awakening. Write down anything you can remember even a brief fragment about the events, characters, places and feelings in the dream.

            If you would like me to comment on a dream, send it to me through my website www.drmarciaemery.com as you go to "submit a dream" page.  I have chapters on dreams in all of my books so take a moment to browse in the bookstore on my website. Wishing you Sweet Dreams.





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